Hire a Dancer for an oriental dance show!

Hire a professional dancer to perform at your party to make it memorable!
Belly Dance and Persian Classical Dance are suitable for events like:

• Wedding
• Birthday
• Bridal
• Corporate Event
• Festivals
• Theme Party
• Nightclub or Restaurant Shows

Oriental Dance - Mini Show

A performance of 10-15 minutes that often includes either Persian Classical Dance or Belly Dance with veil followed by a drum solo. This is ideal for smaller events or restaurants!
Prices from 2000:-

Oriental Dance - Classic Dance Performance

A classic show is about 15-20 minutes devided into two sets (maximum 60 minutes in between) that often includes classic Belly Dance with veil, a drum solo, dance with a stick and a pop-song where the guests are invited to dance. One of the sets can also include Persian Classical Dance. This show is ideal for weddings, birthdays or corporate events.
Prices from 3000:-


Oriental Dance - Gala Show

The Gala Show is 30 minutes devided into two sets (maximum 60 minutes in between) and is best suited for events with an open space. The show includes the classic set of Belly Dance with veil, drumsolo and sometimes wings of isis or fan veils. The guest of honour and audiences may be asked to dance in the some of the pop-songs.
Prices from 4000:-

The prices are valid within the Stockholm area.
For information about prices outside of Stockholm

please contact info[at]mariaoriental.com or click here.